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Brief News Issue.272
[Dynamic] - Brief News : ฉบับที่ ฉบับ 272 ประจำวันที่ 1 - 15 ธันวาคม 2554



Charoenchai Transformer Co., Ltd, Partners Switzerland’s Trasfor SA

            Charoenchai Transformer Co., Ltd, recently received a ฿187 investment supplement from the Thailand Board of Investment (BoI,) in an attempt to expand productions. The funds will be put towards the construction of Charoenchai Transformer’s new manufacturing factory in Sinsakhon Printing City & Industrial Estate, Samutsakorn, Thailand. The project is estimated to complete by the end of 2011, and comprised of 4 rais of land and a ฿300 million initial registration. Charoenchai Transformer also partners up with Switzerland’s Trasfor SA to produce Dry Type Cast Resin transformers as the sole manufacturer and distributor in Thailand under the fully Transferred Know -how and Technology production model from Trasfor SA.

IKEA Bangna Grand Opening

            Siam Future Development Plc together with Singapore-based Ikano show commitments to invest in Thailand despite the economic and political difficulties. The companies plan to open at least three IKEA outlets in Bangkok in the next 10 years. Despite the flood, IKEA is fully committed to continuing its investment plan in Thailand with at least two more stores expected to be built in Greater Bangkok in the future. This year, the IKEA Thailand team decided to change the message in the opening campaign and to tone it down a notch; the opening is no longer a grand opening but a low-key soft opening," he said. Instead of holding a celebration for the store opening, IKEA has decided to donate this budget to flood victims. IKEA Thailand is donating Bt20 million and useful items to flood victims through its local partners the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under royal patronage and WWF Thailand. "We have faith in Thailand and that there is a solid market also for us. We believe that Thailand and the Thais have a solid reputation with foreign investors. The resilience of the Thai people and the strength of its industries are a great foundation for foreign investors. It will take more than a natural disaster to shake that perception," Svensson said.

SCI ECO Services Co.,Ltd    

            SCI ECO Services Co., Ltd. has established and operated waste management business since 1994 in Thailand under the name “SITA-THAI WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Co., Ltd”, which is the pioneer on industrial waste disposal in cement pyro-processing through the European technology by accompanied with Siam Cement Co., Ltd. In 2006, the company was acquired by SCI, the largest cement producer in Thailand, and has been renamed to “SCI ECO Services Co., Ltd.”, which brings the company to the completely integrated services for waste management through cement process.

            Recently, SCI ECO Services Co., Ltd was certified ISO14000 and acquired the fully equipped laboratory which is one of the best waste laboratories in Thailand. SCI ECO offers the first priority on quality and safety for all business operations, process and services under the principle of “zero emission.” The key factor of the zero emission is to establish an “industrial Cluster” where the waste generated by one industry is recycled by other industries. The goal is to achieve a “Zero emission” society in which resources are used effectively, with no waste allowed to harm the environment. Since the cement industry can recycle various kinds of waste materials, generated by the production processes of other industries, as alternative fuels or raw materials. The cement industry is already at the “Industrial Cluster.”

AEROKLAS to the Rescue
            AEROKLAS Co., Ltd, by the Executive team, held the press conference regarding the company’s new direction in the face of national disaster, the “Do Good for King with Eastern Polymer Industry” program aimed to provide the assistance for the flood victims with the donation of 1,000 fiberglass boats. The company will not stop developing and researching in the time of hardship shared by all Thais in all areas of the country. AEROKLAS is proud to introduce the company’s new innovation the ‘catamaran,’ and emergency boats, which will be used to transport heavy objects or persons in need of assistance.




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