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Brief News Issue.271
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CPF Won CSR-DIW in 2011

            Virachai Ratanabanchuen, Executive Vice President of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF), said last September, the producer of food items under “CP” brand was presented the CSR-DIW Award from the Department of Industrial Works, for the operations of the plant in Klang district, Rayong. CSR-DIW contains social practices under the ISO 26000 standard imposed officially in 2010.

             “This standard is aimed at inspiring business organisations around the world to voluntarily show their social responsibility,” he said. “CSR-DIW is in line with Thailand’s culture. But from controlling measures, businesses are encouraged to forge their own moves towards smooth and fair co-existence with community.”

            To the Thai food company, CSR-DIW is a step closer to win the ISO 26000 standard. This award is presented in recognition of CPF’s social projects in seven areas – corporate governance, human rights, labour practice, environment, fair business, consumer protection and community development.

IRPC’s New Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant

            IRPC (Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex) Public Co. Ltd. has chosen Emerson Process Management’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture with the Ovation™ expert control system to operate the new IRPC’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in Thailand. The plant’s construction and engineering contractors, Marubeni Corporation and Jurong Engineering Ltd., awarded the contract to Emerson.
            When fully operational in mid-2011, the six-unit CHP plant will produce 220 MW of electricity and 450 tons/hr. of steam for IRPC’s integrated petrochemical complex in Rayong Province – the largest complex of its kind in southeast Asia – as well as for nearby industry. The plant’s six GE Frame 6B gas turbines and six Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) will also supply electricity to the country’s electrical grid.
AEROKLAS LINER 2011 Production Expansion

          Aeroklas Liner Group celebrates the organization’s 20th Anniversary with an initial investment of around ฿260 million, which will be put towards its production expansion. Aeroklas Liner prepares for the coming AEC in 2015 with plans to double its production capacity for domestic and international distributions. However, the current situation in Thailand has called for extreme measures to be taken against one of the worst disasters in the history of Thailand. Aeroklas Liner has moved its production base from Ayuddhaya to Rayong in order to maintain its markets.

            In the recent months, Thailand has been hit by flooding in almost all areas of trade and manufacturing regions in the country. Thus, there have been strong demands for boats from the private and the public sectors. The short-term goal of Aeroklas is to produce light-weight boats to supply the disaster stricken families. The long-term goal of the company is to salvage from this disaster and rebuild.

Pumpui Eyes 20% Growth

            Kuang Pei San Food Products PCL., the producer of Pumpui (Smiling Fish) brand canned fish sees the canned fish market value of 5,000 million baht starts to become steady. So they have policy to expand product line to seafood product other than fish, including develop new packaging instead of can to reduce risk of unstable steel price. Furthermore, Pumpui will not depend on domestic market only, they will search for new market in foreign countries such as the Halal food market like Middle east and open new product line in neighbor countries. The target is to be a leader in process seafood business within 5 years and earns a total revenue of 3,400 million baht as the seafood market is related with the health trend of consumers nowadays. Before, the company already launched some products in seafood group such as canned seasoned clam, cockle and shrimp.


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