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Brief News Issue.273
[Dynamic] - Brief News : ฉบับที่ ฉบับ 273 ประจำวันที่ 16 - 31 ธันวาคม 2554


Global Steel Dust (Thailand) first Thai plant

Ron Crittendon of Global Steel Dust (Thailand) Ltd. explained that Global Steel Dust (Thailand) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Steel Dust Ltd. (“GSD”), engaged in recycling zinc from Electric Arc Furnace steel dust, is a recently created private company primarily engaged in recycling zinc and iron from steel dust generated by Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel producers worldwide. GSD's objective is to develop long-term relationships with EAF steel manufacturers and assist them in disposing of their EAF dust through the most environmentally friendly processes in the industry. Global Steel Dust is currently developing its Waelz kiln facilities globally either through green-field construction projects or acquisition of existing plants. It has currently an on-going plants development projects in Thailand.

            Historically, in most developed countries, manufacturers landfilled EAF dust at a significant financial cost. However, increased landfill costs, governmental, environmental and social pressures placed on steel producers are encouraging steel companies to take advantage of sustainable disposal options that allow for the recovery of valuable recyclable components, such as zinc and iron units.

Thai Royal Frozen Food (TRF) Co., Ltd. eyeing China

            Mr. Nakorn Harnkrivilai, Deputy Managing Director of Thai Royal Frozen Food (TRF) Co., Ltd. The Deputy Managing Director spoke in the aftermath of one of the most destructive natural disasters ever to hit Thailand, the 2011 flood. Thai Royal Frozen Food Co., Ltd. is located in Samutsakorn, an area which will not be directly affected by the flood as has been announced by the Municipality. However, while the company production has not decreased, the logistics and distributions of TRF products suffered some setbacks: many roads were closed, a number of partners and clients experienced hardship during the time of flood and factory workers, who had lost their homes and properties to the flood. The only area TRF is taking the hardest hit is from the supplier sectors where we are expecting a shortage of bags and box supplies. We are looking into contacting new suppliers in these categories. However, presently, the remaining bags and box supplies are still adequate for TRF future production.

            Thailand will have to be more competitive during the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. Many countries are challenging Thailand for the top spot in the world of frozen shrimp markets. One of our main competitors, India, has increased production, which will cause a brief price fluctuation within the frozen shrimp markets. Not to mention, the increased in the price of Thai shrimp, which is on its way up right now.

Thai Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corporation Limited (TNS)

            TNS takes pride in its two most advanced fabrication facilities: the Amara Yard, strategically located 30 km south of Bangkok, at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, and the Bang Pakong Yard, located 60 km southeast of Bangkok, on the bank of the Bang Pakong River. The combined 560,000 square meters can accommodate mammoth fabrication work with a maximum load-out capacity of up to 20,000 metric tons and productivity of 60,000-80,000 tons per year.

            As a pioneering, certified EPCIC in Thailand's oil and gas industry, TNS continuously strives to establish its footprint in the worldwide oil and gas industry as the leader in offshore hook-ups, commissioning and start-up assistance services. Equipped with a network and object-structured database management system connected with every TNS database from engineering, procurement, material control, fabrication QC control to Hook-up & Commissioning  in a hierarchical way, this commissioning tool ensures that all low-level components must be completed before a high-level structure or area is flagged to indicate completion, ready for commissioning and hand-over for a start-up status.


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